Versa UV LEF Technology Just Got
Bigger and More Productive Than Ever

VersaUV LEF-300 Benchtop UV Printer

VersaUV LEF Series flatbed printers produce brilliant colours and superb images directly on a vast array of materials including three-dimensional items up to 100mm thick. Now, with the new LEF-300, higher quantities and larger items can be printed, utilising a 770mm width, improved print heads and two UV-LED lamps for faster curing, significantly improving your productivity. The results are simply stunning.

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A Whole New Level of Speed and Production

The LEF-300 puts flatbed printer production into overdrive with a larger print area and faster print speeds – approximately 1.6 times faster than previous models when in CMYK mode. It allows users to take their graphic production and print customisation to the next level.

LEF-300 Throughput
LEF-300 vs LEF-20 Number of days required for production of 1,000 smartphone cases
purse with design printed on a VersaUV LEF

Achieve High-Quality on a Wide Range of Materials

While a vacuum table makes it easy to hold thin materials in place, the LEF-300 is also able to accommodate items up to 3.94 inches in height. With the LEF-300, you can print on a wide variety of substrates such as PET, ABS, and polycarbonate, and soft materials such as TPU and leather, as well as three dimensional items, including pens, smartphone cases, signs, personalised awards, giftware, promotional items, laptop covers, and more. The possibilities are virtually endless.

LEF-300 expanded print area
LEF-300 expanded print area

Power-Up Your Workflow

The LEF-300 offers a host of productivity features, including:

  • Expanded print area 30” wide by 13” long
  • Four print heads increase production speed
  • Two UV-LED lamps – which allow for bi-directional printing – ensure instant ink-curing
  • White and Gloss ink are circulated through two rows of nozzles each, for fast, multi-layer printing with increased density and opacity
  • New draft print mode for users in need of quick prototype print

Choose an LEF to Suit Your Budget and Your Business

VersaUV LEF-12i VersaUV LEF2-200 VersaUV LEF-300
  VersaUV LEF-12i VersaUV LEF2-200 VersaUV LEF-300
Maximum Print Area 305 mm × 280 mm
12" × 11"
508 mm × 330 mm
20" × 13"
770 mm × 330 mm
30" × 13"
Ink Configuration Options CMYK + Clear (gloss) + White

CMYK + Clear (gloss) + White

CMYK + Primer + White

CMYK + White + White

CMYK + Clear (gloss) + Clear (gloss)+ White

CMYK + Clear (gloss) + White+ Primer

Included RIP Software VersaWorks 6 VersaWorks 6 VersaWorks 6
Accessories BOFA air filtration system (optional)
RotaPrint cylindrical printing attachment (optional)
Ideal For Short-run customisation of USB drives, smart phone covers, photo frames and other small objects. Short-run customisation of small to medium-sized items, plus pre-primed printing onto various substrates and unique surfaces. Volume production of small to medium-sized items, plus pre-primed printing onto various substrates and unique surfaces.
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